Horizontal Log Splitter

Falcon Vertical Log Splitter

The Falcon vertical log splitter has a 14 tonne splitting capacity. It is equipped with a self returning valve which allows the cylinder to return automatically once the log is split, improving performance and efficiency.

Fitted with an anti-slip turntable and a 700mm wide table for practicality and ease of use.

It is available for tractors that are able to handle Category I or Category II three point hitch implements and equipped with a 2 way valve, for double acting cylinders, and hydraulic outlets. It can therefore be mounted on 3 point linkage or left free standing for more flexibility.

Falcon Horizontal Log Splitter

The Falcon horizontal log splitter has a 14 tonne splitting capacity and can be fitted to any excavator up to 8 tonne. The mounting heads are interchangeable for different excavator models. It is also operated by the auxiliary controls of the excavator.

It is equipped with a standard 4 way fitting blade but can be fitted, as an optional extra, with an 8 way splitting blade.

An optional extra is a rotating head fur further ease of operation.