The Falcon company is a family run business specialising in machinery for the forestry sector. It was set up by Marcia Franklin with support by Darragh Hand, of Hand Engineering to design, manufacture and supply Irish made forestry machinery. With expertise in the design and manufacture of reliable, innovative machinery such as the Zero Grazer™ and peat machinery such as the 'BogHog' we designed a purpose built forestry mini forwarder to meet the demands and requirements of woodland owners, farmers and contractors.

We carried out a significant amount of research in order to determine what exactly was required by those working in woodland areas. The need for midsized forestry machinery with low ground impact capabilities had been highlighted for many years but as yet no capable or reliable solution. The F40 is now the solution, its engine (49bhp) is powerful enough, with plenty of torque, to traverse different forest floor conditions. It has 550mm ground clearance, the highest in its class. With a crane reach of 5.3 metres it can carry 4 tonnes. The F40 is fitted with eight 500mm flotation tyres to reduce ground impact.

Our design and manufacturing is carried out in Dromone, Oldcastle, Co. Meath, Ireland. We have such pride in our work and our customers are our business. We provide a 1 year parts and labour guarantee and a backup service.